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Porcelain things

Porcelain crafting is an incredibly charming but also long and complicated process; I handmade my creations with care, patience and love.

Contemporary wall art​

Porcelain and gold details wall sculptures

Artworks with a polished, modern and essential style. Porcelain leaves that follow one another in a sophisticated dance of details.

Contemporary jewelry​

Porcelain jewellery with gold finish

A collection of exclusive jewels with a minimal and elegant style. Unique creations embellished with gold and platinum details.

Always on the lookout

Something about me

In balance between design and art, I’m always looking for something; a shade, a shape, a touch of  harmony.

Porcelain things

Over the years I approched various forms of expression but in porcelain I found my dimension. Its versatility, its complexity and its extreme elegance make it an infinite universe in which experimentation and creativity never find an end.


Burnetta - Stati Uniti
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Laura’s 3D tiles are just exquisite! Laura kept me updated on production timelines and the order was definitely worth the wait. The porcelain tiles are pre-wired so I was able to hang them immediately. The pieces look great in print but are perfection in person. Love her artistry!
Ruiko - Giappone
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We received perfectly beautiful pieces! I have checked all pieces carefully and I felt full of happy with your artwork. These are amazingly stunning… Thank you so much for your creation and loves!
Jyotsna - India
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Laura is SO lovely, and made me an absolute masterpiece. She was so accomodating of my requests, and made me a larger size ring, and shipped to a country she normally doesn't ship to! My package was really sturdily packed, so no damages, and arrived as quickly as possible given the holiday season and customs! I LOVE IT!
Silvia - Italia
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I just love these original and high quality earrings! They are perfect for every occasion. If you are searching for a handmade contemporary jewel, I totally recommend LauraTosoLab! I will definitelly buy also the matching ring (black and gold).
Amy - Italia
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Laura’s work is very special... even lovelier than in the photos!