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Contemporary jewelry

Porcelain jewellery with gold finish

Porcelain jewellery with gold finish

Alla ricerca di armonia e bellezza

The jewels are the smallest and most precious expression of the elegance of porcelain and the ring is the one I love the most. Porcelain crafting and above all jewel creation is long and complex, characterized by gains and failures;
I handmade every jewel and every detail, every little imperfection, makes it unique and original.

A name for each model

Before defining a model, I create and test various prototypes to find the right compromise between design and functionality; my goal is to create comfortable jewelry for everyday wear. When the model is ready, only one thing is missing.
Sometimes it’s the name of the first friend who fell in love with it, others it’s the name of a special person …
The important thing is that everyone has their own!

Unique pieces and limited editions

When I feel the need to get out of the rigor of models, I dedicate myself to the creation of unique pieces. At that point there are no more rules, no more sizes, no more measures to respect, I no longer worry about creating something replicable, leaving free vent to creativity and experimentation.
Dimensions become important; rings become sculptures.

A touch of light

Each jewel is embellished with a 24k gold detail applied using the “third fire” technique. In some models the surface is totally glossy while in others it is characterized by contrasts of glossy and matte; a shiny detail capable of giving light when worn.