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Contemporary wall art

Porcelain and gold details wall sculptures

Porcelain and gold details wall sculptures

Looking for harmony and beauty

Each mini tile is a small world; characterized by the wealth of details that distinguish each leaf, these refined 3D wall sculptures are able to simultaneously convey a sense of strength and delicacy.
The result of years of study, they are particularly loved overseas and present in private and public collections in Italy, Japan and the United States.

Porcelain and gold leaf wall sculptures

Shape, texture, rugged edges; I work each “leaf” one by one, remodeling it several times until I obtain the “perfect” imperfect shape.

Bright details

Each sculpture is embellished with a light detail, in gold leaf or 24k gold luster.
This precious touch of light is in stark contrast to the rough and opaque surface of raw porcelain, free from glaze and finishes.